Insurance should serve your overall financial goals

Universal Life insurance provides every Canadian with beneficial tax and estate planning opportunities. Unlike Term Life insurance, Universal Life insurance is much more than a single payment upon death of the insured. The purchase of an asset like a Universal Life policy can set the stage for many opportunities that have only been afforded to … Read more Insurance should serve your overall financial goals

Fun Facts About Investing

1. Endorphins. After the initial adjustment period, you’ll feel a sense of freedom you may not have expected. Each deposit can give you a small endorphin hit. 2. Important, but not just for you. The companies you invest in can be earth-changers, hope-builders, and satisfy your need to contribute to the larger world. 3. Your … Read more Fun Facts About Investing

Will Your Term Insurance Surprise You?

43 year old Sam needed insurance in order to be seriously considered for a job. He was sure he wouldn’t need the insurance long. It wasn’t a requirement of the job; it was just a way to prove he was serious about the high-risk occupation. He’d need five, maybe ten years’ worth of coverage, he … Read more Will Your Term Insurance Surprise You?

Seldom Used Ways to Invest a Dollar a Day

What if you invested that pizza money in a different “bottom” line? Before I learned some simple, powerful investing guidelines, I knew two things – “Buy low, sell high”, and “it takes money to make money”. Catch phrases aside, there are some simple things that will make a big difference if you’re willing to play … Read more Seldom Used Ways to Invest a Dollar a Day

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