Benefits of Permanent Insurance

Universal Life insurance provides every Canadian with beneficial tax and estate planning opportunities. Unlike Term Life insurance, Universal Life insurance is much more than a single payment upon death of the insured. The purchase of an asset like a Universal Life policy can set the stage for many opportunities that have only been afforded to … Read more Benefits of Permanent Insurance

Fun Facts About Investing

1. Endorphins. After the initial adjustment period, you’ll feel a sense of freedom you may not have expected. Each deposit can give you a small endorphin hit. 2. Important, but not just for you. The companies you invest in can be earth-changers, hope-builders, and satisfy your need to contribute to the larger world. 3. Your … Read more Fun Facts About Investing

Will Your Term Insurance Surprise You?

43 year old Sam needed insurance in order to be seriously considered for a job. He was sure he wouldn’t need the insurance long. It wasn’t a requirement of the job; it was just a way to prove he was serious about the high-risk occupation. He’d need five, maybe ten years’ worth of coverage, he … Read more Will Your Term Insurance Surprise You?

Seldom Used Ways to Invest a Dollar a Day

What if you invested that pizza money in a different “bottom” line? Before I learned some simple, powerful investing guidelines, I knew two things – “Buy low, sell high”, and “it takes money to make money”. Catch phrases aside, there are some simple things that will make a big difference if you’re willing to play … Read more Seldom Used Ways to Invest a Dollar a Day

Will You Out-Live Your Retirement Income?

Seeing Time

A great number of Canadians are facing a problem that previous generations didn’t have to consider – we’re out-living our retirement savings, by quite a large number of years. There’s a bumper sticker that says, “I’m spending my kid’s inheritance.” An increasing number of Canadians have an RRSP, but it might be fair warning to … Read more Will You Out-Live Your Retirement Income?