Tax Season: Are You Feeling Like a Target, Not a Client?

Tax Time means more than the stress of reporting income, figuring out what deductions to tell the government (if you do your own taxes) or your accountant you qualify for, and facing the truth of last year’s tax strategy. It means companies are vying for your attention, implying you can do better if you join them. Marketing departments have been working late, analyzing the competition and begging for an inflated ad budget. How does a person deal with the tactics used against them?

Many years ago, I was taught a simple gauge. Every decision is 50% emotional, 50% financial. Later I learned that the question you have to ask is not “will I regret this?”, but “will this make a profound difference in my life?”

Profound difference.

That scale has an entirely different feel to it. If you walked in to the investment broker of any company and said, “I want a strategy that will make a profound difference in my life,” would you expect them to have the tactics to execute that strategy?

An independent broker spends days and hours each year to maintain a detailed knowledge of how different financial strategies can be implemented. It’s part of their licensing, and with Certified Financial Planners, they have a higher standard.

We’d love it if you came in here and spoke with Todd about your situation, but please look for the CFP certificate, whomever you choose.

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