Leaving a Legacy

When we think about life, love, and legacy, many things come to mind. I can pretty much guarantee, that having life insurance is not one of them. However, I’d like to take some time to share with you a perspective that you may not have considered. A correlation if you will, that may challenge how you view a tool at your disposal that you may tie these together in a more realistic perspective.

Let’s face it, Life insurance is viewed as a method of asset protection (for example, paying of the mortgage on your house), supplemental income for your spouse, or maybe even to cover any remaining debts and tax liabilities. These are all critical and wise reasons to acquire life insurance.

But what if I told you,

  • that a small life insurance policy may be a huge asset to one or more of your children’s future wedding expenses in your absence?
  • that a moderate sized policy could be used to fund a sizable down payment for your children or grandchildren’s first home?
  • your Celebration of Life could be an all-expense-paid family reunion in a place where many family members have never been or could not otherwise afford to go?

The point is, we will not live forever. Our passing doesn’t bring visions of happy thoughts. The ability, however, to leave a parting gift that would available at that time, can absolutely create a legacy, and a legacy through an insurance vehicle can bring a smile from ear to ear over the endless possibilities available when that time comes.

Go ahead, let your imagination and legacy become a parting gift that your family and friends can remember for years to come. The possibilities are endless.

– Dan

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