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As an Independent Advisor and Certified Financial Planner, Todd has your best interests at heart. With over 23 years of experience, you can be sure that once he gains your trust, he works hard for you.

For insurance, working through PPI Solutions Ltd (part of the Bridgeforce Financial Group), Todd has access to over 17 top insurance companies and can help you find the insurance solutions that truly meet your needs. He also represents the top ranked segregated fund products in Canada.

For investing, working through Portfolio Strategies Corporation as a Mutual Fund representative, he has access to thousands of different funds. Working with Provisus Wealth Management, our clients can benefit from the advantages of owning a portfolio of individual stocks, bonds and ETFs.

Todd Darling is registered with Canadian Securities Administrators. The CSA protects Canadian investors from unfair, improper, or fraudulent practices, and fosters fair and efficient capital markets. If you’d like to see if an Advisor is registered, you can use this tool: National Registration Search

Is your current advisor looking after his clients or just looking for new clients?

We work on a referral basis but our current clients are our highest priority, while actively welcoming new clients. We believe a second opinion on your financial plan never hurt anyone, and in fact, is sometimes the wise choice. It’s not dangerous or in poor taste to get together and check to see if we can do better for you! We love to meet those seeking a different experience.

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Our employees:
Being a family run business is important to us! We treat our employees as we do clients – as part of our extended family. We’ll make sure that we have the educational tools and the technological tools to advise our clients on their individual insurance needs.

Companies we work withOur clients: Looking after your interests are paramount. Darling Financial focuses on treating each customer as a unique individual. We firmly believe each one has unique insurance needs. Our mission statement says that we professionally design affordable financial solutions (life insurance and RRSP products included). Doing this is very important to our success.

Our partners: The insurance and investment companies we have selected on behalf of our customers are leaders in the industry. They are amongst the largest, most technologically advanced, having the broadest range of products. All of them are focused on providing the best possible products at affordable prices to our customers.

As a Mutual Fund Representative, Todd Darling is licensed with Portfolio Strategies Corporation, through which mutual funds are distributed.

Through Provisus Wealth Management, the Transcend Managed Accounts Program is a fully-segregated separately managed account (SMA) that is designed specifically for each individual client’s unique circumstances. A customized portfolio will include a carefully-selected team of money managers with unique investment styles who work in harmony to deliver every client’s long-term financial goals. It is initiated on a referral basis. Provisus Wealth Management Limited works with investment professionals to provide its services to the end client. Transcend Managed Accounts Program clients receive personalized service and guidance, coupled with the long-established expertise of some of the world’s very best independent money management firms. Provisus provides the tools and infrastructure to make this happen seamlessly.

What we do is to consolidate all of your family assets into one balanced program while we place risks and problems in the hands of our large corporate partners, who are appropriately equipped to handle them. This is so that you can improve your asset accumulation in less time with fewer risks along the way. This means that you are more likely to spend your golden years watching your grandchildren growing up instead of nervously checking your bank balance or the stock market.

Future plans which currently excite his office include using technology more robustly in delivering superior client research and customizing communication to ensure maximum satisfaction as family and business needs evolve in the years ahead.

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