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With access to every major life insurer in Canada, we invite you to call to see how we can match your needs to the right one.

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Get guidance from a Certified Professional Planner with over 25 years experience!

As your Financial Advisor, I'll help you understand your options and make a strong financial plan to help you:
  • Build & protect your assets
  • Save money to achieve your goals
  • Ensure your family’s financial security
  • Plan a better retirement
  • Learn helpful tax savings strategies
  • Discover tested financial tactics
  • See what new opportunities may exist
  • Reveal your financial blind spot

We'd love to guide you with your:

• Personal or Business Finances,
• Retirement or Estate Planning,
• Life Insurance or Group Benefits,
• Mutual or Segregated Funds,
• RESPs, RRSPs, RRIFs, RLIFs, Etc.,
• Tax Free Savings Accounts
• And more!

Call or email for a no-obligation chat with Todd about your financial situation. We want to help. 403-443-2110

Todd Darling is licensed for Investments in Alberta and BC, working in conjunction with Portfolio Strategies Corporation, through which mutual funds are distributed.

Provisus Wealth Management, Transcend offers affluent investors (min $150,000 net assets): professional money management, customized portfolio construction, investment manager selection and more.

Are You Protecting What Matters?

Have You Ever Asked Yourself: If I was unable to work due to illness or disability, how long could I live off my current finances? . . . If I (as a business owner) lost my partner(s) or key employee suddenly, what would it cost the business to replace them? . . . Will I have enough money when I turn 60 or 65, to retire on for the next 20+ years? . . . If I died tomorrow, could my spouse and family maintain their current lifestyle? . . . If I died tomorrow, how much of my estate would go to the government for taxes? . . . Will my family be able to pay estate taxes?

If you are concerned about these questions, we would love to help! Money doesn't need to be scary. A Financial Plan, includes your personal list of short and long-term goals, and how you’re going to spend (and save) your money to achieve those goals. It makes your money manageable.

The liberty found by having a sound financial plan,
of knowing how you can get ahead and stay there,
feels amazing. Come talk to us!

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